What is life about if it’s not to indulge in the pleasure of it?

Indulging in my love of fashion and style has given me years of priceless experience and pleasure. Having worked in publishing and fashion editorial, I knew my future was set in becoming a stylist. But just because you know your end destination doesn’t mean you won’t make a few unplanned turns!

Way before being professionally inducted into this wonderful vibrant world of colour, texture and culture, I was mesmerised . As a child I was swept up in the beauty of Fashion and from that moment there was no turning back!

I love to blend my passions for film, art, music and culture collectively with my love of fashion; inspired by femininity, romance and the idea of reinventing oneself. I love to travel around the world; seeking out statement pieces of clothing and accessories from unique vintage shops and new designers.

I have had the pleasure of working on some great projects with some of my favourite peers and trailblazers in the world of fashion and editorial. From styling for various publications, online media to celebrities from the music, television and film industries, my journey continues to cement a fact I already know – styling is what I was born to do!

Wherever this sartorial journey continues to take me, be sure I’ll have on my heels, bags will be packed and I’m ready to go!

Dawnn Lee X