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Final Halloween Tactical for FB

Mentos Halloween Facebook Campaign 2015

This was one of the most fun jobs I have had to date. Being asked to style the Mentos social media campaign for Halloween 2015 was like being in arts & crafts class at school all over again. Suffice to say  a fun time was had by all and I for one, can definitely recommend the fruit flavoured Mentos personally! 😉

Don’t get a fright when the whole neighbourhood turns up!

Happy Halloween everyone!

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HUF Magazine Scissor Sisters Fashion Editorial

HUF magazine, Photography by Dawn Marie Jones

HUF magazine, Photography by Dawn Marie Jones




So exciting to see my latest work published in  HUF magazine online! It’s always great to work with new people who have a shared love for creativity. Huge thanks to Photographer Dawn Marie Jones for having me be a part of the shoot and I can’t forget the adorable pooch we had on set who made a surprise cameo 😉  Can’t wait for the next project!

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The Louis Vuitton Exhibition – Series 3









This has been the year for showcasing the art of the fashion exhibition. From the showstopping legendary McQueen exhibition at the V&A Museum on to the Louis Vuitton Series 3 exhibition ‘The Science of Savoir-Faire’ on The Strand. What struck me the most apart from the huge number of people attending the exhibition was the science and technology behind the brand. There was so much to take in from seeing the artisans skillfully putting together the iconic bags to the template to construction process ingeniously displayed by the 3D laser demonstrations. Visually, there was something for everyone from the life-like screenings of the recent SS16 runway show to the huge glass walk-in wardrobe but my favourite was the sculpture mannequins modelling LV accessories. They were works of art within themselves. On leaving the exhibition space, I gratefully accepted my free poster to take home, frame and display in my office. I can honestly say that Louis Vuitton put their unique stamp on the exhibition format and successfully delivered.


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